Brisbane Band Talk Heavy Signs With New World Artists

Brisbane Band Talk Heavy Signs With New World Artists

Off the back of their recent live debut at Bigsound, Brisbane punk-rock outfit Talk Heavy have assigned their bookings to New World Artists.

The loud riff-rammers join a roster that includes Luca Brasi, Grinspoon, Mallrat, British India, JK-47 and Sneaky Sound System.

“From the moment we heard (their debut single) ‘Hoping The Middle’ there was no debating that this young band had serious talent,” NWA agent Liam Saunders said.

“After getting an early listen to some of their upcoming releases, we just had to work with them.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Talk Heavy join us here at New World Artists and look forward to building a long-term live career with the band.”

Talk Heavy are Matt Cochran (vocals/guitar), Patrick Shipp (guitar), Tayla Ellerby (bass) and Beej Vaughan (drums).

They are the revitalised project of Brisbane band WALKEN, seeing the trio become a quartet and exploring their love for the likes of PUP, Cloud Nothings and +44.

Cochran explains, “After playing in various bands for the past few years, I’ve been aware of New World Artists and they’ve always been one of my top choices for a ‘dream booking agency’ to represent us.

“So to have New World approach us and be keen to work with us was honestly a dream come true.

“We can’t wait to gig our big ole butts off!”

Their slate includes the Scorched festival in October and then opening for VOIID at the Brightside.

Talk Heavy’s debut EP “Jump Into Nothing” is out on September 29.

Out on September 15 is their latest single “Mixing Pictures”, a follow-up to the triple j-playlisted “Hoping The Middle” (written during the Brisbane lockdowns, during which he felt defeated) and “I Wanna Skate Again”.

Like the EP, the single was engineered, produced and mixed by Cochran at his Birthday Boy Studios, with mastering by Matthew Gray.

“Mixing Pictures” was the last song written for the EP, and, says Cochran, the favourite track off the EP for all four members.

“Lyrically, it’s about how you can’t force things to work.

“There’s unfortunately always going to be some things beyond your control in life that you just need to accept and learn from.

“We’re so proud of how it turned out.”

As their name indicates, Talk Heavy are big advocates for mental health, their lyrics set to encourage the discussion of difficult topics and the importance of talking things through and getting something heavy off the listener’s chest.

“Hoping The Middle” was penned during the 2020 lockdown when the guitarist admits he was pretty much defeated by life.

The way to combat the feeling was to disconnect with what was going on, and cruise down the middle without contemplating the positives or negatives.

The “Jump Into Nothing” EP was written over the past 12 months and Cochran explains, “perfectly represent both where Talk Heavy is and where we want to keep heading.

“I think it’s the most vulnerable I’ve been lyrically in my time as a songwriter and I’m excited to keep exploring that even further down the line.”